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Which is more healthy, taking a calcium tablet or drinking milk?

Drinking milk is healthier because our body is able to absorb calcium from milk to permanently strengthen inner bone layers. This is because calcium intake through milk can repair damaged tissue. However, calcium absorbed from a calcium tablet will only cover the bone surface and will eventually come off after stopping consumption of the tablets.

Is calcium-fortified milk more beneficial than calcium from fresh milk?

Is calcium-fortified milk more beneficial than calcium from fresh milk?

Is Umm!..Milk pasteurized milk sold by the gallon, too?

No, the only size we have is 700 cc.

Do you sell fresh milk in cartons?

No, Farm Chokchai milk marketed in cartons is not ours. We sold our sterilizing and bottling plant for dairy products branded Farm Chokchai, in 1994. Now, we produce pasteurized milk under the brand name Umm!..Milk only.

Is there any sugar added to pasteurized milk?

No, there is no sugar added, as our pasteurized milk is produced from 100% fresh pasteurized milk which is naturally sweet.

What is the difference between Umm!..Milk pasteurized milk with a gold lid and that with a blue lid?

The product with a gold lid contains fresh milk with about 3.5% fat, while the one with a blue lid contains low-fat milk with only 1.5% fat.

Why are there no other flavors of fresh milk?

Because we would like our customers to drink only 100% fresh milk without any additives.

What are the benefits of drinking 100% fresh milk?

Calcium intake through milk can help build and repair damaged tissue while artificial calcium can’t build tissue. Calcium intake through milk can also reduce the risk of emphysema for 60% of smokers; freshen up our mind; and increase brain activity – this is because after the body has absorbed the nutrients in fresh milk, the brain releases tyrosine.

Why is there only pasteurized milk, but no UHT milk?

Because pasteurized milk is healthier than UHT milk. UHT milk is processed at a higher temperature, which destroys nutrients; leaving only water, fat, and a little protein. But pasteurized milk is processed at a temperature of less than 75 degrees celcius, leaving all the nutrients in the milk.

Why is the shelf life of pasteurized milk short?

Because it is processed from 100% fresh milk without adding preservatives. This is to maintain all the nutrients for consumers. Normally, its shelf life is about 7 days when stored in a fridge.

Is there any fat in pasteurized milk? If yes, how much?

Pasteurized milk is obtained by removing the cream layer, or fat. This leaves only 1.5% fat which the body can naturally burn. So, we won’t gain weight from drinking homogenized milk.

What is the percentage of fat in Umm!..Milk fresh milk?

There is 3.9% fat.

Fresh milk is sweet. Is there any sugar added to it?

No, the sweet taste is from lactose, the natural sugar in milk.

Should children and adults drink the same kind of pasteurized milk? And why?

No. Children should drink natural fresh pasteurized milk containing minerals, fat, and protein; because children need more energy to play and learn than adults do. Adults, on the other hand, should drink low-fat pasteurized milk because it still contains all the nutrients, but less fat which our body can burn without leaving any residue.

Can milk be kept outside of the fridge? If yes, for how many hours?

Pasteurized milk should be stored in the fridge. But if necessary, it can be kept outside of the fridge for no longer than one hour.

Can milk be kept outside of the fridge e.g. on a journey home?

Milk should be placed in a foam box, or a cool box, to best maintain its temperature. The box shouldn’t be kept in the car boot but inside the passenger compartment where it is cooler. Its freshness and quality can normally be maintained for up to 2 hours, so it is best to take pasteurized milk home right away.

How many days can pasteurized milk last?

It can last for up to 7 days when stored in a fridge.

Do you sell franchise of Umm!..Milk?

No, as we still want to maintain the high standard and quality of Umm!..Milk dairy products and services.

Is there a one-liter size for pasteurized milk?

No, the only size we have for pasteurized milk is 700 cc.

Why is there a burn mark around the foil lid?

Because the laser used to seal the lid is sometimes too strong.

Why is the foil lid not completely sealed?

Because the laser used to seal the lid is sometimes too mild, but there is additional sealing to ensure cleanliness. The milk’s quality and nutrients are still the same.

What is the minimum number of small cups/big cups of ice cream we need to buy to get them packed?

6 small cups/ 2 big cups.

Why does the ice cream smell very milky? Is there milk powder in it?

No, the strong milky smell is from our fresh cream extracted from raw milk, and that’s why it’s very rich and milky.

Why does Umm!..Milk ice cream melt so quickly?

Our ice cream melts so quickly because our ice cream is made from 100% fresh milk without adding any edible antifreeze.

Why is Orange Sherbet ice cream softer than the others?

Because we use pure orange juice which makes the Orange Sherbet ice cream softer than the other flavors.

How many flavors are there for small-cup ice cream?

There are 9 flavors: Fresh Milk, Cookies and Cream, Rum Raisin, Strawberry, Vanilla, Green Tea, Orange Sherbet, Kopiko Almond, and Chocolate.

How many flavors are there for big-cup ice cream?

There are 4 flavors : Fresh Milk, Cookies and Cream, Kopiko Almond, and Chocolate.

How do you pronounce ‘Umm!’? And why is it named ‘Umm!..Milk’?

It’s pronounced ‘umm..’, which is the exclamation you make when tasting something delicious like Umm!..Milk dairy products. The freshness and delicious taste of real milk will make you say Umm!..Milk.

What is the shelf life of packed and unpacked ice cream?

The packed ice cream can last for up to 4 hours while the unpacked one can only last for up to 15 minutes.

Which flavor is the best seller?

Fresh Milk is our best seller as it offers the taste of real milk.

What is the purpose of set yogurt?

The purpose is to enjoy the taste and texture of the yogurt.

Does soot on the cup mean the product is old?

No, the soot is caused by the interaction between ions from the cup material and the freezing.

Why is the yogurt texture so soft? Is it spoiled?

No, the soft texture might come from agitation during transportation. The yogurt is still good.

Is there any sugar added to the yogurt since it has a sweetness?

All milk contains lactose, natural sugars, which gives a bit of a sweet taste but very little. So, we add a little sucrose to make the taste more mellow.

What yogurt flavors are there?

The only flavor is natural.

Why is there some water when opening the lid? Is it spoiled?

The water or the yellowish liquid is called ‘whey’. Whey is a kind of protein in yogurt, and it sometimes separates from the yogurt, or curd, during transportation. This is normal and causes no harm to either our digestion or the yogurt itself.

What are the benefits of eating yogurt?

Yogurt is beneficial to our health in many ways; it aids in digestion, prevents free radicals, decreases risk of contracting colon cancer, and has healing effects on ulcers. It is also known to prevent diarrhea because of the active agents in the natural lactobacillus in yogurt which produces lactic acid which destroys bad bacteria that may exist in the stomach and intestinal tract.

Which contains more calcium, yogurt or fresh milk?

They both contain about the same amount of calcium as the process of making fresh milk and fresh milk yogurt doesn’t take out or add any calcium. The only difference is that yogurt helps the body to absorb calcium easier because of the lactic acid produced by lactobacillus, while the body needs to digest the lactose in fresh milk before absorbing calcium.

Within how many days should yogurt be consumed after opening?

Yogurt should be consumed in one sitting after opened in order to avoid losing its quality.

Is the fresh milk candy made from real fresh milk?

Our milk candy is made from fresh cream pasteurized from pure fresh milk. It is then stirred and simmered till thick and smooth, offering sweet taste and smell.

How many grams of milk tablets are there in a bottle and how many tablets?

Each bottle contains 55 grams of milk tablets and an average of 50 tablets per bottle.