Building a “green world”, for many of us, brings to mind planting trees. While the truth is, “trees” are not the very root of the solution for a sustainable green world; trees can only flourish with a key factor in place: good soil.


And if good soil is the foundation for a richer environment, “good consciousness”  is the basis of building a richer society.

Therefore, our responsibility in the greener world of the future is not only to conserve and heal the environment, as society necessitates, but also to live in harmony with nature.












Hence, a business leader’s responsibility is not only the focus of improving profits for the organization, but also the development of a deep sense of social responsibility in society at large, as well as role modeling good corporate citizenship in public and private life. In this way, the higher goal is the endeavor to create synergetic benefits in business and in society concurrently, without taking advantage of others.