Vision: "To be an exemplary role model as a large-scale, multifaceted dairy farm business with professional management".
  1. Operate a dairy farm and an animal feed company as the main business focal points, in such a way that they perform with high efficiency, based on social and environmental responsibility.
  2. Create a strong foundation for the organization to grow and add value to the business.
  3. Convey the knowledge gained from experience in the field to bear on advancing social wellness (Turn experiences into textbooks).
Operating Philosophy: Enhancing the competitive capacity; Focusing on performance; Furthering expertise; Maintaining self-sufficiency.
Enhancing the competitive capacity: Strengthen security of the core business to support other businesses within the organization and to prepare for future competition.
Focusing on performance: Enhance capacity by breeding superior breed of dairy cattle in order to obtain best quality and high yield raw milk, while ensuring the safety of consumers.  Endeavour to exhibit best practices for the benefit of society and the environment.
Furthering expertise: Hire and train personnel who demonstrate excellent agricultural skills, moral standards and ethics, including those determined and capable of effectively conveying knowledge gained from experiences.
Managing towards self-sufficiency: Manage costs and risks to the business in a principled manner in keeping with the concept of self-sufficient economy philosophy.