We are determined to be a “From Earth …to Wisdom” organization.
We aim to move towards excellence as an agriculture-oriented Thai organization, ready to be a role model in business development, adding value to the organization and strengthening the business. We also intend to be a role model in human development for Thai society. We are ready to move forward with certainty, purpose and sustainability.





  1. To advance a well-managed modern dairy farm making consistent improvements to ensure its security and sustainability.
  2. To develop a breed of dairy cattle that adapts well to the environment and is capable of producing raw milk of a higher quality and quantity than required by industrial standards.
  3. To produce and create products and services that are useful and inspiring beyond our customers’ expectations.
  4. To create bonding between customers and our products and services through tangible experiences.
  5. To turn knowledge into financial resources, expounding a sense of responsibility in society by operating a business based on high principles and good governance.