We believe that with our years of experience, it is essential that we consistently pass on the knowledge gained to the next generation of Chokchai personnel as well as to other organizations by way of our Farm Chokchai Agro Tour and other activities in cooperation with both the public and private sectors, and academic institutes. These activities include study trips, internships, and cooperative education initiatives.


1.  Cooperative education, with specialized courses developed in conjunction with academic institutions, provides final year university students with the opportunity to have practical work experience concurrently with their academic studies. They work as part-time employees and gain knowledge from our experienced personnel. It also provides our personnel with the opportunity to enhance and put into practice their teaching and leadership skills.


2.  The Extension School is another cooperative project between the Farm Chokchai Group and academic institutions. The academic institutions allow students to register for our hands-on courses that combine effectively with their area of study, in addition to their classroom-based studies. Successfully completed courses at Farm Chokhai count as credits earned toward their degree.


3. Professional Course Training project is for entrepreneurs, farmers, and other interested persons from Thailand and abroad, who have some experience and knowledge in dairy cattle farming, but would like to enhance their knowledge and skills in this area.


Our efficient knowledge sharing approach is widely recognized and accepted. We receive a great deal of correspondence, from various organizations and academic institutes, inviting our executives to be guest speakers or lecturers, to impart the knowledge, perception of, and experience in: marketing, business management or technology development and human resource research and development. Hence, our consultancy business is already well established.