Today, Farm Chokchai Company Limited runs a substantial dairy farm with over 3,000 head of dairy cattle, a breed bred exclusively by Chokchai Farm. The species is Chokchai Friesian which was developed by our R&D Team, by crossbreeding Holstein Friesian (about 93%) and a native Thai species (7%).


We operate a comprehensive dairy farm with professional management, which has three divisions: feed management, breeding development, and veterinary healthcare management. There are two systems in operation.  There is a grazing system for the animals before first lactation, and a feedlot system for the mature milk-producing cows. The cows are milked 3 times a day, and we currently produce 22 tons of raw milk per day with an average of 18 kilograms of milk per cow per day. The raw milk is processed into quality dairy products for the consumer market.


Farm Chokchai is the first dairy farm in Asia to have acceptable breeding standards for a dairy cattle exporting program. The export markets include many countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, etc.



Technology and Research and Development


Farm Chokchai Group believes that business innovation is crucial to the success and sustainability of an organization because it keeps the business up-to-date. Innovation requires creativity, technology, and knowledge acquired by research and development. 


We therefore operate our businesses relying on these factors to continually enhance our business capacity. We have been conducting research in many areas with various renowned institutes such as Mahidol University, KhonKaen University, and the National Innovation Agency.





The Animal Feed Business was not meant to be at first.


Originally, the feed manufacturing plant within Farm Chokchai was established for the sole purpose of supporting our dairy cattle farm. But when the production capacity exceeded that needed on the farm, we sold some of it to our neighbouring farmers. The selling of our feed was so well received that we increased production for sale purposes as well. 


Currently, there are members who use our “C.R.” feed in every region of Thailand, and this number continues to increase.



Producing reliable feed products based on our own specialized experience


With 50 years of operating a dairy farm, Farm Chokchai can attest to having true insight into the needs of dairy farmers. Hence, the feed we produce for the market is based on our own experience of benefits accrued as well as the on-going interchange of knowledge with our farmer friends in regard to their dairy cattle.









Keep improving for the benefits of farmer friends


Farm Chokchai has continually improved and upgraded our feed products based on academic data and real needs of dairy cattle. Dairy farmers can therefore be assured that the quality and standard of our products is tried and true.



Build a strong foundation and give full support to farmer friends 


We are willing to provide data, advice, and information on milk production and processing to any interested dairy farmer who wishes to improve his/her own farm so that we grow together as an industry.


C.R. Dairy Cattle Feed Member Project


The benefits of being a C.R. Dairy Cattle Feed member include discounts for various agricultural products of Farm Chokchai as well as updated information, advice, and knowledge on dairy farm management from Farm Chokchai promoters, animal husbandmen, and veterinarians.