With unflinching determination, the legendary Thai cowboy and animal husbandman, Khun Chokchai Bulakul purchased a deserted high forested plateau in Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima and began integrated farming on an area of only 100 acres.






Supplied machinery and construction materials to the US Air Force for air base construction; established two construction companies, Chokchai International Co.,Ltd. and Chokchai Engineering Co.,Ltd.; built the 26-storey “Chokchai Building” on Sukhumvit Road, which, for 13 years, had been the tallest skyscraper in Thailand.




Set up a beef cattle farming business by importing both American Brahman and Santa Gertrudis beef cattle as well as promoting and developing traditional Thai beef cattle breeds.




Found the “Chokchai Steakhouse” on the 23rd floor of the Chokchai Building to make high quality beef products from the farm available to the Chokchai Building tenants.




Overcame difficulties related to beef cattle exporting quotas, production and logistic costs, etc., and turned the beef cattle farm into a dairy farm.




Developed a new breed of dairy cattle during the changeover to the dairy farm: using artificial insemination of cows, crossbred with imported cattle semen, resulting in a breed of dairy cattle excellent for milk production in the tropical climate.




Found the sterilizing and bottling plant to process raw milk coming from the dairy barn to produce various types of milk products under the brand name 'Chokchai Milk'.




Reengineering: in 1994, for economic reasons, it was necessary to sell off the 'Chokchai Milk' business and its distribution channels. But the dairy farm was still in operation. At about the same time, Khun Choak, who had just graduated from university in the US, assumed control of Farm Chokchai, with his father's blessing. The entire business was reengineered so that it would be more responsive to future changes in the market. An innovative and state-of-the-art administration management structure was adopted. The main income was from marketing agricultural products such as raw milk, exporting dairy cattle, and selling of animal feed.




Rebranding: With the increased success of our business, as a result of reengineering, and with the knowledge, experience, and insight of our strengths and weaknesses, we expanded our business through innovation, introducing a complete tour of our agricultural property, the Agro Tour. It was a completely new dimension for tourism in Thailand. We promoted Farm Chokchai Agro Tour to the media, who interviewed the group managing director. It was a major rebranding venture for Farm Chokchai Group.




Repositioning: Once the business was successfully positioned in the market place, we continued to prepare ourselves to deal with future challenges.  As the Agro Tour business was continually growing, we then came up with new ideas for products and activities related to the business including Umm!..Milk dairy products and Farm Chokchai Camp. Farm Chokchai Camp is an accommodation business offering a boutique camp experience. In addition, new sources of income were introduced via a consultancy business, selling professional services and guest lecturing.






Rejuvenation: As an organization with a deeply rooted people-centered and human resource-based management model, driven by competent and skillful teamwork, Farm Chokchai fully realizes the importance of HR development. For the future of Farm Chokchai Group, we put the emphasis on strengthening our existing employees’ abilities and skills, while also training new personnel with the necessary skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience. From here on in, Farm Chokchai aims to position itself as an vital member of a caring and sharing society, and runs its business based on the knowledge and know-how to merit the title of a “From Earth…to Wisdom’ organization. The Extension School and Professional Course Training projects are all part of our preparation for the immediate future.