Originally, Farm Chokchai was soley an agriculture venture in a country deeply rooted in farming. The beauty of an agricultural business is that our knowledge is gleaned from almost every activity.


Farm Chokchai continues to evolve as our experienced farmers pass on expertise to the next generation of agronomists. The experience gained over the generations has greatly contributed to our development from a well-established agriculture business into a dynamic company that now includes a vibrant customer-centered service division.


Over the 10 years of showing our visitors the art and science of the agriculture business, Farm Chokchai has inspired many people and become the legendary leader of agricultural innovation in Thailand.  This is made evident simply by the sheer number of visitors every year, currently standing at about 300,000, as well as the recognition from the industry, society and the countless requests by various organizations for our executives to give lectures and provide extensive information.


The success story of Farm Chokchai has gained much public attention, such that the style of our business management, marketing, and HR management has become one of our popular new products.


In the beginning, our customers were ordinary people or families. Today they also include organizations that seek specialized, inventive and academically researched products.


The Farm Chokchai Agro Tour is yet another channel to provide experience.  We are certain that it will play an important role in building the Farm Chokchai business. Moreover, this innovation will guide us with greater purpose toward our goal of being a true ‘From earth…to wisdom’ organization.