1. Preventive Measures against Epidemic

Since Farm Chokchai is a certified dairy farm with over 3,000 head of dairy cattle, it is necessary to observe health regulations closely. To prevent disease spreading on to the farm, visitors are kindly requested to walk through the spray tunnel, and wash their hands with a Food and Drug Administration-certified sanitizer.


2. No Pets Allowed

As there are many animals on our farm, touring with your pets is not allowed.


3. Natural Smell of Livestock

Being a classic farm, the many natural smells of the soil, grass, animal feed, and the animals themselves waft about. Although Farm Chokchai carefully cleans and disinfects the farm on a regular basis, these smells still exist and are normal part of farm life.


 4. Nature of Insects

Flies and fruit flies are unavoidable on a farm. These creatures are drawn to the smell of cattle and cattle feed on the farm itself as well as to fruit in the orchards in the surrounding area.


5. Animal Behavior

There are many kinds of animals in Farm Chokchai, and as you walk about their homes on the farm, it is possible you witness them doing all the things they do naturally, including the biological imperative to reproduce: mating. If you might see such a scene while touring the farm, parents should be prepared to explain this to their children.


6. Weather and Color of the seasons

The beauty of nature is different in each season, and since most of the activities in Farm Chokchai are outdoors, visitors should be prepared for all weather eventualities.


7. Proper clothes for visiting the farm

Since most of the activities are outdoors, visitors are recommended to be safely and appropriately attired, which includes suitable footwear.


8. Be punctual and follow the route

Agro Tour is run for each group according to the timetable. It is necessary to enter and exit the farm in a timely manner and to stay on the assigned path so that we can guarantee your most pleasurable experience. Visitors are kindly asked to be punctual and pay close attention to the instructions from our guide.


9. Restricted Smoking

As we are concerned about our visitor’s health and welfare, visitors are kindly requested to smoke in the assigned smoking area only.


10. Video Photography

Since Farm Chokchai is a work place as well as a tourist destination we do not allow video photography.