You can choose the perfect package for you and your family or group, full of learning experiences and entertainment for up to a two-day program on Farm Chokchai.



Team Building


Farm Chokchai understands the importance of staff improvement, and we are always striving to improve our personnel’s abilities. We have successfully transformed a purely agriculturally-focused workforce into multi-tasking service-oriented agronomist personnel. We believe that inspiration and unity can be attained through team members who love what they do. Our team development courses are founded on Farm Chokchai’s unique style in which creativity is the building block of all activities. Living with nature broadens and calms the mind, cultivating a deepening sense of consciousness towards the environment.  From this comes a serenity and openness that allows each individual to know and understand not only themselves better, but their colleagues as well.



Event @ Camp


Are you looking for a place for a special occasion such as a: 

  • Product launch
  • Group gathering
  • Exhibitions

We are ready and equipped to fulfill your needs with a style and an exclusivity that is bound to please and impress your guests.