Things to know before joining activities of Farm Chokchai Camp


As the main purpose of Farm Chokchai Camp is to promote a family atmosphere in the midst of nature, for you to have the most pleasurable time, it is important to understand the policies, regulations and background you can expect before deciding to join the camp.



1. Setting


Farm Chokchai Camp offers boutique tent accommodation surrounded by a 100 acre forest within the grounds of Farm Chokchai. This forest has various species of trees with dual purpose in mind, profitability and ecology. Each season in the forest gives us a different atmosphere and feeling.


In the rainy season (June-October), the forest is green and fertile. You can smell the soil and the green grass while enjoying the coolness of the air and, sometimes, the rain. When it rains, activities are organized indoors.


Winter (November-February) is the most popular season for visitors as it is cool, especially at night, making it perfect for special activities such as a campfire, a rare thing in big cities. Also, it is the time when the sky is clear, so you can enjoy the twinkling stars across the big sky. At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that, at this time of year, the forest and the field might be dry and thin, typical in Thailand’s dry season.


Summer (March-May) is not too hot in the camp as it is green and lush, which makes the temperature milder than the nearby exposed areas.




2. Camp Atmosphere


In keeping with the concept of living in harmony with nature, Farm Chokchai Camp emphasizes tranquility so as to allow you to experience the music of nature. Any loud activities are therefore prohibited from 10.00 p.m.


Moreover, Farm Chokchai Camp would like to provide you and your family or group with simple get-together time, a time to strengthen the meaningful bonds of family. TV is therefore not provided in the camp area. But if you wish to catch up with the news, Farm Chokchai Camp provides you with Wi-Fi Internet at every corner of the forest at no additional charge.



3. Alcoholic Drinks

Farm Chokchai Camp would like to ask for your cooperation in not bringing whisky and any kind of alcoholic drinks into the camp area. However, if you wish to drink, Farm Chokchai Camp prepares premium wines to serve you on your request at reasonable price points.



4. Small Children and Elderly

As the area of Farm Chokchai Camp blends in with the natural surroundings, whether it is in the forest or around water sources, children should be well supervised while playing or running around. 


Please be aware that less-mobile individuals and older people may need to be especially careful when getting in and out of the tent or walking to the toilets. We have wheelchairs are provided. However, it is best to make sure a family member is always close by to take care of you.



5. Pets

As Farm Chokchai Camp is at the heart of a fully functioning dairy cattle farm, pets are not allowed to enter; they can be disease carriers to the cattle and other animals in the farm.



6. Nurse
Farm Chokchai has a nurse to take care of emergency needs of tourists and campers. Campers must notify the nurse if they are under medication or if they have any allergies so that the nurse can assist them as needed.



What to Bring to Camp


  1. Proper clothes for outdoor activities in a wooded environment.
  2. Rain coat or sweatshirt depending on the season
  3. Hat, sunglasses, sun-block lotion (Mosquito or insect repellant is provided.)
  4. Sport shoes or comfortable covered-toe shoes
  5. Personal items and medicine
  6. Camera  
  7. Notebook computers in case you need to access the Internet to keep up with the news  
  8. An open mind to welcome in a new holiday experience and communal living