Umm!..Milk is the exclusive brand of Farm Chokchai Group’s premium dairy products. We are not in any part affiliated with “Farm Chokchai Fresh Milk”. Back in 1994, we sold this business, the brand, and the distribution channels to another manufacturer.


The modern and hygienic milking procedures allow us to deliver raw milk directly from the dairy cow to the processing plant via vacuum glass tubing called the pipe line system. The raw milk is hardly ever exposed to the air; with only 50 meters from the milking parlor to the dairy processing plant, likelihood of milk contamination is significantly reduced and our dairy products are ensured to be of the utmost freshness, purity and of full nutritional value.


Moreover, our dairy processing plant is certified with GMP, HACCP, and series of internationally recognized certifications which guarantee our standard of management, cleanliness, and safety of our products.



Umm!..Milk products are developed based on the tasty desires of our customers and visitors who participate in our Ice Cream Workshop. The database we have gathered is used to update Umm!..Milk products on a continual basis. Umm!..Milk dairy products are therefore truly consumer-based: the products created for and by people just like you.


Currently, Umm!..Milk products include pasteurized milk, fresh milk ice cream, fresh milk yogurt, milk candy, and milk tablets. We are certain that you will exclaim “Umm!..delicious” after tasting any of our “Umm!..Milk” dairy products.